Cultural Awareness

Razalution is now a partner with Hofstede Insight To deliver Cultural Awareness solutions

Organizational Culture

Organisational Culture is defined as the way in which members of an organisation relate to each other, their work and the outside world in comparison to other organisations. It can either enable or hinder an organisation’s strategy.

At Razalution, we utilize Hofstede Insights Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture. This is a strategic tool aimed at helping organisations to become more effective by ensuring you get a detailed picture of:

  1. How
    do employees really relate to their organisational culture – ensuring a
    matching picture between employee branding/recruitment texts and real
    life work environment.

  2. How
    ready an organisation is for change – is there enough trust, not too
    much anxiety and are the relevant groups ready for change?

  3. How
    is the actual way of working (actual culture) and the desired way of
    working (desired culture) aligned with the optimal culture (strategic
    choice on which way of working best supports the execution of a given
    strategy within the available resources and time)

  4. How
    well management is able to use its behaviour to set the example (walk the talk)

  5. How
    indirect change initiatives can assist in ensuring a better fit between
    the actual way of working and optimal way of working.

International Culture

Each organisation has historical roots in a certain country, and it is this national culture
that provides the context in which it has shaped its organisation culture. 

In the age where globalisation is the norm, organisations have operations as well as
customers and partners in different countries. Understanding where each party comes
from is crucial in achieving effective business operations.

At Razalution, we provide cultural awareness solutions including The Intercultural Management Foundation Workshops, that includes:

  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • The 6D-model of National Culture
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Case studies
  • Simulations
  • Personal culture preference assessment & Guidance (The Culture Compass™ )

Hofstede Insights


Egbert Schram CEO Hofstede Insights

Egbert Schram CEO Hofstede Insights

We are thrilled to be partnered with Razalution Bureau. Salman is a valued member of our global network.