Leadership & Soft-skills Development’

One of the most important and integral pillars of any successful enterprise is its human asset and capital i.e. their employees.

Even though data and hard skills is very important, however most recent productivity studies have shown that even those shining superstars need the help of a strong team in order to succeed. Therefore, the importance of teamwork is emphasized more and more, with companies spending millions on team building strategies. Cooperation among teammates is one of the key elements of success. Working together towards a common goal, instead of competing for personal glory leads to great achievements.

Based on Salman Raza’s critically acclaimed book Life’s Non-conformities, Razalution has developed an effective program for capacity building, soft-skills and leadership development.

Our bespoke solutions include training and awareness sessions, seminars, workshops for team building, capacity building, soft-skills and overall Leadership development. These sessions include but not limited to awareness of:

  • Personality Types
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Political Awareness
  • Questioning Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Ego Management
  • Managing Passive Aggressive Behaviors
  • Mindfulness
  • Power of Vulnerability
  • The Art of Giving & Receiving Advice

Contact us for more details and discuss how we can help you improve effectiveness of your team and leadership productivity.


Buy paperback and ebook version of the book from www.salmanraza.net